Why monitor your content for adblock rules ?

Growing usage

615 millions people in the world, more than 30% of the U.S. internet users have an ad blocker.

Angry users

A non-working button in your sign-up process or an e-commerce cart that doesn't work will frustrate your users and result in lost sales.

Collateral damage

Rules meant to block specific ads often impact other content

We provide you peace of mind

Global coverage

We check the main block lists (EasyList, EasyPrivacy, ...) but also the regional ones (France, Germany, ...)

Regular checks

We check your content daily or weekly depending on your plan. And we notify you when a new content is blocked.

From the source

We check the commits to the rules repositories. Giving you a head start to fix the issue

To your code

Our result will help you pinpoint the source(s) of the block. Whether it's due to your URL or the use of Google Tag Manager for instance.

We check the rules from